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Welcome to the registration site of EPSI 2012. Before registration, please create an account
The password to login will immediately be send to you by email. 
After login in go to
Registrations => New Registration to register and pay the conference fee.

The early registration fee of € 400,- ends on April 3, then it becomes € 500,- 

Reduced EPSI Conference fee for EPSI members
EPSI member will receive a € 200,- reduction per participant on the Conference fee with a maximum of two participants per EPSI member. The payment for the conference will proceed for the registration fees as indicated above. Registration EPSI Member will receive a cash pay back compenstation by EPSI directors based on their registration and payment for the EPSI 2012 conference.

Reduced EPSI Conference fee for NON EPSI Members
During the registration process you can opt to become an EPSI member. The payment for the conference will proceed for the registration fees as indicated. Applications for memberships are to be approved by the EPSI board (see
becoming a member). New members will be granted a reduction on the EPSI membership fee for 2012 (regular € 1.000,-) of € 200,- per participant with a maximum of two participants per EPSI Member.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Cancellations made before February 18, 2012 will receive a full refund.
Cancellations made between February 18, 2012 and March 18, 2012 will receive a full refund, decreased of € 120,- administration fee.
No refunds will be granted after March 18, 2012. No-shows will not be eligible for refunds.

Visas and Letters of Invitation

Every international visitor should check with his or her local consulate regarding visa and entry regulations for The Netherlands. Please do this well in advance of the conference. If you require a letter of invitation to EPSI2012 as a part of a visa application, you must submit a written request to the conference secretariat epsi2012@fyper.com via email no later then March 18, 2012.

Note: Some countries have special requirements for the visa letter in addition to the standard information provided. Please check with your local consulate for any additional requirements to attend EPSI2012, and include these in your request for a letter.

Note 1: Visa- and Letters of Invitation will be send to you after registration and payment of the conference fee.